Shitty candidates is not the same as negative politics

From Reuters:

HEADLINE: Negative tone of White House race sours young voters

EXCERPT: “It’s because of the selection of the candidates. I find them to be not just sub-par, but unusually sub-par,” said Epstein, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Something’s gone terribly wrong.”

I have no clue how these assholes got to this headline.  If you read the whole article there is not a single quote from a young American voter saying that the negative tone between Trump and Clinton is keeping them from voting.

They have Sanders supporter who doesn’t want to vote for Clinton and a Republican that doesn’t want to vote for Trump.  And that’s called shitty candidates and a dissatisfaction with our truly shitty two party system.

10/24/16: Sho Barraka, Kadhja Bonet, The Radio Dept., Big Baby D.R.A.M.

@@@ Sho Barraka: The Narrative (Humble Beast, 2016).  I would put Christian hip hop in the left field hip hop dropbox.  It surely is concious hip hop with the religious element not visible in this first tune.  The instrumentation and playing is pretty mellow and laidback and Barraka’s flow on the microphone is precise and the his voice is pleasantly sharp.  The second tune is uptempo with a James Brown black power funk arrangement.  Not surprising as the tune is called Soul, 1971.  I’ve peeped three tunes and this is an uplifting and funky listen.

@@@ Kadhja Bonet: The Visitor (Fat Possum, 2016).  Blurbed as an alternative folk record on this week’s All Music notable release email Apple Music has this record blurbed as a sort of soul/folk mash flavor pack with elements of jazz and r&b.  For sure Ms. Bonet has been blessed with a gorgeous voice and on this second tune, Honeycomb, I most definitely hear the old school soul sounds.  String swells, a really nice drum sound and mellow instrumentation.  Due to Bonet’s voice and the playing there is a super meticulous vibe to this record –usually I’m not a big fan of that but to my ears she’s singing from her heart.  I’m a bit surprised a record like this would appear on Fat Possum which usually traffics in white boy blues/noise/punk/indie and I think it’s a disservice slapping a folk label on this record.  It’s an out soul record to me and Imma swing back on this when I have more time.

@@@ The Radio Dept.: Running out of Love (Labrador, 2016).  Mainstream pop rock off this week’s All Music weekly email.  It’s not a rock guitar record but the synths do sound a bit like guitars and the feeling is rock brisk not fully electro.  My main problem is dude’s voice — it’s kind of mopey and dour.  Not a fully flat bike tire but definitely deflated.  Meticulous production, everything in its place but not an overabundance of soul going on here.  Groomed like a Nordic ski trail.

@@@ Big Baby D.R.A.M.: WiFi (Empire/Atlantic, 2016)  I was pretty into Big Baby’s summer jam Broccoli — yet another slang for smoking the weed and whatnot.  This tune is  a love song, slow with a nice guitar sample and I’m thinking this is Big Baby on the mic.  Erykah Badu has a guest appearance and she’s all sultry and whatnot about her WiFi connection.  No strings attached, we’re still connected, no strings attached, we’re still connected — that’s a pretty smart and funny lyric for a tune called WiFi.  I like Big Baby D.R.A.M. (that stands for Does Real Ass Music) and I’m gonna have to swing back and check the whole record.  And you gotta check that tune Broccoli.

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Latest move shows Facebook is run by ignorant, control freaks/f*ckers

From the Guardian here:

Facebook is finally going to consider whether or not posts are important to the public interest before removing them from the site for violating community guidelines, the social network has announced.

Two vice presidents from the company, Joel Kaplan and Justin Osofsky, co-signed the announcement, which acknowledged that “observing global standards for our community is complex”.

Oh shit, who sent the fuckers at Facebook a memo about what is called the public interest and how their business might be involved with said public interest?

Jesus fuck, Facebook is over 10 years old and they’re only now considering the public interest?  That’s ignorant as fuck.

People are not reading the leaked Clinton emails because they can’t stomach our Pantsuit future

From Salon here:

Excerpts from various six-figure speeches that Clinton made in 2013 and 2014 reveal a politician who is not only quite friendly with Wall Street in private, but somewhat resentful of the American public for constantly attacking and scapegoating big banks for the financial crisis.

“The people who know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry,” said Clinton in one speech. Reform, she continued, “really has to come from the industry itself.” In another speech, Clinton stated that you have to have “both a public and a private position,” which has cast further doubt on her trustworthiness among young voters.

I worked on Wall Street for years and this is the most childish and out of touch idea regarding the nature of Wall Street that I’ve seen in a long ass time.  For the umpteenth time there is too much money to be had down there with how our financial system is currently set up for any sort of change or reform to happen.

There is no voice on Wall Street calling for reform, there is a very small part of America making obscene fucking piles of money.

The only way to get change on Wall Street is to change tax laws that drive their business, strip away any hope of a bailout even under the most dire circumstances and generally put their nuts in a vice.


Goldman’s CEO/Vampire waves wand and makes crime disappear!

From Bloomberg here:

The latest banker to face the wrath of regulators is Wells Fargo & Co.’s John Stumpf, who resigned as chief executive this month amid the outcry over employees opening bogus accounts without customers’ knowledge. Some lawmakers have called for him to be criminally prosecuted. While Blankfein declined to address the situation specifically, he said that some financial misconduct isn’t intentional enough to be a crime.

“To be punished the way people are saying they should be punished, you still have to find some kind of a criminal intent,” Blankfein said. “If you’re merely wrong and you didn’t get it right, it’s hard to ascribe criminality.”

This is how you get to be head of a giant Wall Street bank.  You are able to sit in an interview and with just a few sentences you are able to issue finely crafted bullshit and voila — you have turned the crimes of others into ‘well, they tried something and didn’t get it right’.  It really is quite impressive.

From reading about what Wells Fargo did I think Wall Street doesn’t think it’s such a bad thing because they didn’t make a lot of money off of opening 1.5 million accounts with the permission of their customers.  This is Wall Street, small money is a small crime.

But to purposely prey on old people and Native Americans and financially unsophisticated people to make your bank look like it’s growing much faster than it really is constitutes a crime.

You have to admire how this little bald fucker spin his golden threads — he’s a total fucking criminal himself but he can surely weave a golden carpet of horseshit.


2016 Honorable Mention Pick 14

<strong>Brent Cobb: Shine on Rainy Day</strong> (Elektra, 2016)

A John Prine tinged country rock record. The lyrics are above average but not quite great and this record has a lot of things going for it including an excellent bass player with a great tone, tasteful arrangements, and a singer with a voice that sits solidly in the country tradition.

It the record was a bit less breezy it would easily make my best list but as it does flirt with the FM soft rock easy listening part of town it is an honorable mention.

Did Hillary Clinton help put Assange in jail in London?

A lot of criticism has been levelled at Wikileaks and Assange for the complete email dump of Podesta’s correspondence.  Some folks think the personal email should have been screened out and only ones of public interest should have found their way to the intertoobz.

I get that.

I think Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State exerted all sorts of pressure on various countres that ended up putting Assange where he’s currently imprisoned.  If I were Assange I would loathe Hillary Clinton and I would be out for blood.

Obama and Clinton surely didn’t hesitate to ruin this guy’s life so life’s a bitch and he’s getting his revenge now.