Is it possible to be so racist you aren’t aware of it?

From here:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out to everyone reading this thread that, when it comes to patriotism, there are no more patriotic Americans than Southerners. You’re rarely, if ever, going to see people burning the American flag down here. Not for long, anyway. Of course, to northern liberals that makes us “racist, xenophobic rednecks,” etc. Hey, that’s alright. We “racist, xenophobic rednecks” like to fight. If there is anything remotely resembling some kind of conflict on the horizon, we generally want to get in on it. If it involves killing foreigners, we like it even more…especially if they don’t look like us.

Last night I was searching around trying to find out what Southerners had to say about Southern pride as I live in the North and I don’t feel any pride in living there.

This commenter on an assault rifle chat forum puts the words racist, xenophobic rednecks in quotation marks and then he goes on to say the he and other Southerners enjoy killing foreigners (xenophobic) and ones that don’t look like them (racist).

I’m not sure on what grounds this gent would say that he’s not racist and xenophobic but that’s the case he’s making.  And that case looks a lot like the case for the Confederate flag.  You just say it’s not racist even though you’re racist and it’s a racist symbol for tens of millions of Americans.

Monday 7/6/15: ZZ Ward, The Internet, Chet Faker

YTD recordings listened to: 526
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 305
Not good music: 181

Honorable Mentions: 14
Buys: 9

Possibles: Chris McGregor, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Dave Arner Trio, Bill Horist, MAKU Soundsystem, Zomby, Retox, About Group, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Bone Dance, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee, The Ballantynes, Debruit, Slidhr, The Whammies, The Chewers, Alexander Hawkins, Toxic Holocaust, Equal Stones, Comeback Kid, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Lenguas Largas, The Coral, Spacesuits, T.O.M.B., Fofoulah, Lozen, Erase Errata, Mohamed Abozekry, Dawn Richard, Leo Welch, Mastery, Leviathan, Xibalba, Hartley C. White, Weed, Cold Water, Ellen Jewell, Akitsa, Chico Trujillo, Richard Thompson, Evan Caminiti

@@@ ZZ Ward: Lonely (Hollywood, 2015). Just as Chet Faker sounds like a play on jazz musician Chet Baker, ZZ Ward seems to biting the ZZ Top chunk. In a pretty sad and cheesy way, but this is America sad and cheesy rules the day. Big arena rock guitar over a West Coast hip hop beat, handclaps, synths, and a lot of vocal melodies from the Adele playbook — it’s truly a fuckshow, very difficult to describe. Fortunately we have the intertoobz and the GoogleTube and you can peep it for yourself. Now I often recommend folks bring a fresh bun so they can turn musical cheese into a delicious cheese sandwich but in this case I would bring a nice, crumbly fresh biscuit and put the cheese over the top of the biscuit or break it roughly into two pieces and have a cheese biscuit. Hmmmm…..

@@@ The Internet: Ego Death (Odd Future, 2015). Some pretty out hip hop/r&b off last week’s All Music weekly email. On this first track you get a nice slab of angular bass waves, a dreamy yet potty mouthed female r&b singer, some laid-back fusion-esque guitar over a live drums (i think). I really like the bass player and unorthodox feel to the tunes. On the flip side I don’t love the guitar player’s tone and I wished the tunes hit harder. Check it for yourself and they get respect for pushing boundaries.

@@@ Chet Faker: Bend (Downtown Sounds, 2015) Off the Beats Highlights page. If the Eagles had a love child with Beck their little Cali boy would sound like this tune. Simple and funky beat, whamping waves of synth bass and slack vocals with some more tuned in background vocals. Welcome to the Hotel Chet Faker!!!

Confederate Flag Befuddlement

From NBC News here:

“It’s just a Southern pride thing,” the 66-year-old Reeves said. “It’s nothing racist or anything. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. My family is from Alabama and we’ve been going to Talladega forever. It isn’t a Confederate thing so much as it is a NASCAR thing. That’s why I fly it.”

What is scary about this statement is the lack of sense it makes.

I don’t understand how you can take a flag that is grounded in history and is associated with a war fought over slavery and say that flying it in 2015 is about NASCAR.

Why can’t NASCAR come up with a flag for itself that celebrates Southern pride and culture without a symbol that is clearly linked in American history to slavery?


101 Strings: Soul of Music U.S.A. Side 1 (MP3)


Side 1:

Red River Valley
‘Round Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Streets of Laredo
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie
John Henry
Turkey in the Straw
Arkansas Traveller


Take the first 3-4 songs and tip!

Royce Wood Junior: The Ashen Tang (PIAS America, 2015).  The first 4 songs are highly funky.  Junior has a flows like liquid voice and the arrangements are hot.  However, as the album progresses it gets slower and more ballad-y and generally a lot less funky.  I was pretty disappointed as brand new super funky music is hard to come by and slow, torch-y ballads are a dime a dozen.  I’ve clipped my favorite tune.

I would think about giving this tune, Clanky Love, song of the summer.  A little Prince, some Stevie Wonder and some really well done lyrics.

Astral Swan: All My Favorite Singers are Willie Nelson (Madic, 2015)  I love the first tune — raw lyrics, sparse arrangement.  And the few tunes after that are what I imagine great indie to be — smart, simple and vibrant.  And then the focus shifts and it gets slower and less biting and I lost interest.  I’ve clipped a bit of the first tune, and I was lucky to even find this first bit.

Dear Black folks: No gun control and now the redneck flag may still fly!

From NBC News here:

The Confederate flag has flown in South Carolina’s capital since 1961. Removing the Civil War-era icon requires a two-thirds vote from both chambers of the General Assembly — no easy feat in a state steeped in Southern tradition.

On Friday, pro-Confederate robocalls went out to some homes in South Carolina calling on voters to contact their state representative to “not stand with leftist fanatics who want to destroy the South,” reported The Herald newspaper in South Carolina.

I’m going to be honest and say that I thought they were flying the Confederate flag as an expression of something I don’t understand.

But it’s the law?  And they have to change the law to take down the Confederate flag?

And taking down the Confederate flag would destroy the South?  There’s nothing else to this Southern pride than flying the official flag of the slave owning states during the Civil War?

That’s pretty fucked.


Jeb! should be choking on those words

From CBS News here:

“Politically, we’re going to win when we’re hopeful and optimistic and big and broad rather than just ‘grrrrrrr,’ just angry all the time,” Bush continued. “This is an exaggerated form of that, and there is no tolerance for it.”

Is this some kind of happy, fuzzy mask that Jeb Bush is putting on for the Fourth of July weekend?

Because from where I’m sitting the Republicans are not hopeful, optimistic and inclusive.  They have a whole industry of talk radio and television support that is hateful and racist and divisive.  And racist and anti-gay, and anti-immigrant.

So I really don’t see this wanting to be hopeful and optimistic as anything other than a lie to get him in there so he can pull the usual Republican cruelty.