Everybody should mail a bag of shit and/or piss to Jeff Bezos!

From the interwebz:

We need a better vision fo rhow we create value for employees without paying them what they should get for the work they do.

He left a part out.  I would hazard to say that he’s more interested in creating the impression of value for his employees while he’s back at his cave nuzzling his girlfriend’s giant breasts!

It’s not hard to pay people, you pay them money and they’ll take it.

And then you don’t run them so hard they end up shitting in bags.

Music for 4/16/21!!! DJ Voices and Deep Creep, Dark Tranquility, Cuts

@@@ DJ Voices and Deep Creep: Nothing in Moderation ( , 2021) This was a Youtube/Interwebz live streaming set I saw mentioned in the Crack magazine mixes of the month for February. It’s an almost 2 hour set — if you watch the two female djs do their thing it’s not the most exciting visuals ever but the music is funky with heavy dub flavors and trippy delays. I’m no expert on the demographics of the electronic scene but I’m happy to give a shout out to the females in the booth! I would recommend this as restorative background music for programming nerds busy ruining our world with ai. Backwards me, shitting on ai.

@@@ Dark Tranquillity: Phantom Days (Century Media, 2020) A listen off an All Music notable release email last year and it’s a big ass updated classic metal sound here with major guitar riffage and a singer that growls but doesn’t descend into cave dweller territory. Also a keyboard/synth snuck in there that effects the vibe. It’s not my favorite style of metal — big arena production with some snarl but it’s muscular and I’m sure somebody is out there headbangin’ to it. Shootin’ a Red Bull into their eye, stormin’ the Capitol, you know that kind of shit. I’m coming back for a second peep cuz I take my music listening very seriously and it is indeed a hard rock/metal smashup with big production. If that works for you then have at it.

@@@ Cuts: Dissolution (Village Green, 2020) Another listen off a previous All Music notable release email I have stashed around. It’s a blend of semi-abstract synth work and powerful frat boy dancefloor banging. A processed robot voice gets up in here but low in the mix. A second layer of synths and some secondary beats get layered on the original statement and I like it all right but I’m up for more abstract business. I let the player click through and it appears this outfit is fond of the straight up kraut-y beat work. It’s relentless and I appreciate that but I could use a bit more funk/swing in mine.

Has anyone seen a mention of anything except voter suppression in Georgia laws? #noop

From Politico:

Not a single Republican at the federal or state level has mentioned any single provision of this new bill that accomplishes anything but making it harder to vote.

If there’s something in there like broadcasting all vote counting 24/7 while it happens then they should stand up say what it is because this sounds like a reverse gaslight.

They’re denouncing something as gaslighting — voter suppression and evil, while actually gaslighting.

There’s a lot of gas being lit these days, oy.

Music for 4/15/21!!! Yaadcore/Jah9, Ben Aylon, Les Filles de Illighadad

@@@ YAADCORE, JAH9 AND SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM: Police In Helicopter (Yard Birdz-Subatomic Sound, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off this week’s WRIR weekly playlist email. Sticky roots reggae with thick bass and old school drum sounds. The vocal hook is ‘if you continue to burn down the herb, we’re gonna burn down the cane field’ so I’m guessing these folks are in the Caribbean. I did some googling and see that sugar cane is grown in Florida, Louisiana and Texas so maybe they’re growing collyweed alongside the sugar cane and the police are chasing down the weed farmers. Regardless of location the sounds are tight and the vibe is all right. Check this out for some dubwise flavors.

@@@ Ben Aylon: Hulem Belibe (Riverboat, 2021) Some world music in the Israel area that manages to capture an epic rock vibe. It’s a pretty restrained and grooved out track til there’s a distorted traditional stringed instrument solo they run through a distortion box, a move I’ve heard before and whole heartedly approve of. The vocal arrangement gets stacked up and widened out as the track progresses and a swell-y keyboard is introduced. I’m torn on the epic rock vibe.

@@@ Les Filles de Illighadad: Surbajo (Sahel Sounds/Pioneer, 2021) I dont’ go to many shows but I was at this show in Brooklyn! This is a pre release track from an upcoming live record from this female trio out of I can’t remember which country in Africa. My almost 13 year old referred to the guitar as Lil’ Jimi Hendrix because there was a pretty short dude tearing up the guitar at this show. The recording is really nice and if you don’t know this outfit you should check them out as they have flavor. It’s three singers, a guitar (maybe 2) and a hand drummer.