Music for 2/27/17!!! Steve Lacy, Power Trip, Rev. Sam Dixon

@@@ Steve Lacy: Steve Lacy’s Demo EP (Three Quarter, 2017)  An alt r&b record I got to via the Apple Music new music section.   And no, not Steve Lacy the sax player from the ’60s-’70s.  These first two tunes are centered around Lacy’s guitar playing and he’s got some sophisticated vocal arrangements in this second tune, Ryd.  The cover of the record has Mr. lacy sandwiched between a guitar and a bass so I’m thinking he programmed these beats and let fly with the rest of it.  It’s pretty good.  I would have dug some more variety of guitar tones as in maybe some Prince like guitar shredding.

@@@ Power Trip: Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord, 2017)  I checked the advance single and felt it so I’m back for more now that the full length banger is out.  Plus I’m a Southern Lord.  These guys have a militant vibe to their metal stomp with plenty of thrash drumming and some extreme Red Bull shredding in this first tune (clipped below).  I remember the Motorhead vibes these guys pump out like stale body odor.  The second tune, Executioner’s Song, brings on big stomp.  I’ve checked out four of the tunes here and I’m going to have to swing back on this record before I go burn somebody’s house down.

@@@ Rev. Sam Dixon: My Soul Says Yes (Manufactured, 2017)  Some old school gospel with r&b sprinklings that I got to via a music publicist email.  Some really beautiful gospel choir action and an interesting guitar player on this first tune.  The vibe here is super old school and I dig that.  If you, fabulous listener on this blog are not hip to the flavors of gospel and how much it has informed today’s soul/r&b music check out the reverend and get an earful for yourself.

YTD recordings listened to: 136
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 75
Not good music: 41

Buys: 0
Honorable Mentions: 1

Possibles: Chris McGregor, Dave Arner Trio, Zomby, Retox, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee, The Ballantynes, Slidhr, The Chewers, Toxic Holocaust, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Lenguas Largas, The Coral, T.O.M.B., Fofoulah, Lozen, Erase Errata, Mastery, Leviathan, Hartley C. White, Weed, Cold Water, Janelle Monae, Luther Dickinson, Graeme Barrett, Fast Asleep, Goldlink, Cavanaugh, Gentleman Surfer, Satoko Fuji, Divanhana, Moken, Juan Atkins, Drone, Lantern, Twin Peaks, Djelimady Tounkara, The Oh Sees, Denny Zeitlin, MILF, Unfun, De La Soul, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Magrudergrind, A Tribe Called Quest, Noname, Gouge Away, Anna Hogberg, Klara Lewis, Aethenor, Krullur, The Lowest Form, Hard Proof, James Brandon Lewis, Yotoco, Tinariwen, Jungle Fire, Sandoz, Power Trip

Trump hates the government except the Merchants of Death!

From Reuters here:

Republican President Donald Trump will seek to boost Pentagon spending by $54 billion in his first budget proposal and cut the same amount from non-defense spending, including a large reduction in foreign aid, a White House budget official said on Monday.

Trump will let the Department of Defense decide how to spend the extra billions and most federal agencies will see reductions in funding, an official from the Office of Management and Budget told reporters. The official said Trump’s first budget will not address taxes or mandatory spending.

Sounds just like what America needs, a larger investment in death and death making machinery!

All the time in Brooklyn I will be walking down the street and overhear ordinary Americans talking about how they really want their government to kill more people and to have a larger, bloated military.

I hear it all the time so I’m glad Trump is getting his war penis on.

And a big fuck you to schlumpy Nazi bitch Bannon!

From the Guardian here:

“The mainstream media ought to understand something: all those promises are going to be implemented,” Bannon told a gathering of thousands of conservatives near Washington on Thursday, who feted him and the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

Man, the best part of this dude ran down his mama’s leg.

Are you gonna put money on this pronouncement cuz I’m thinking this travel ban is never gonna happen, and I don’t think this wall is gonna happen and I don’t think Obamacare is gonna go too.

The travel ban is unconstitutional, Mexico is gonna fight this dumbass wall hard, and if they dismantle Obamacare with some diarrhea replacement those midterm elections are gonna be a bloodbath.

These guys aren’t fascists they’re just giant assholes.

A big fuck you to baby faced Trump-a-lumpa Stephen Miller!

From Salon here:

…the president’s 31-year-old senior adviser, Stephen Miller, a weaselly young man who would be perfectly cast as a Star Wars villain. Last week, Miller made the almost cartoonish assertion that “our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Fuck you, you little piece of shit.

The orange haired rapist Trump will protect our country and it will not be questioned.

Jesus fuck, somebody dirtnap this puke.

2017 Honorable Mention Pick 1

Acid Arab: Musique de France (Crammed Discs, 2016)

A timely shot of Middle Eastern electronica that goes out to that racist fucker Marine Le Pen in France and our very own homegrown piece of shit, Donald Trump.

Heavy club beats with modern bass sounds and Arabic melodies over the top.  A little like Omar Suleiman but less manic.  Guest singers but just shots of vocals not verse-chorus, etc.

I’ve clipped one of my favorite tracks below.