Music for 8/9/22!!! Conjunto Primitivo

@@@ Conjunto Primitivo: Morir Y Renacer (Chicago Research, 2022) Album of the day over at the bandcamp and I’m back to reviewing and listening after I fell off a low roof four days ago and punctured my lung and broke 4 ribs. I’m on the second track and it’s pretty dark with insistent rhythms and a combo vibe of electro components and non-electro sounds. For example, a pretty straight Latin vocal part sits on top of the pounding rhythm of the second track. It’s got some indie flavors as well. I’m on the fourth track and I think I would have preferred an dancefloor mashup instead of this indie electronic record. I like it and like the idea of Latin music threads getting pulled into indie tracks but as with a lot of indie the arrangements could use a bit more fleshing out. They are a duo so that limits their options there but I can still want to hear more.

Music for 8/4/22!!! Surprise Chef, MK

@@@ Surprise Chef: Velodrome (Big Chief, 2022) A pre-release track from a record coming out in October though I’m also checking out Crayfish Caper which is a track from 2019 that I peeped around a bit. I did a bit of search-a-fying and see that these folks are from Australia. I woulda guessed down South where the kudzu be thicker than the local police. These guys are doing a Meters type instrumental funk type sitch and they do it well. It’s not a hipster thing, well maybe it is a hipster thing but it’s not a super annoying hipster thing. This track is driven by the drums, the chickenscratch guitar, multiple keyboard parts and even a triangle. Vibes too, me loves the vibes. I’m checking out another pre release track, Money Music, and it’s even better than the track clipped below. Imma check more of these guys when it comes out.

@@@ MK: Burning (Defected, 2011) A track from the latest Crack Magazine playlist. Not recent releases but whatevs. It’s tightly constructed with an interesting one word vocal sampe, a really hot percussive metal vibe vamp and funky. Then the dive comes in begging somebody to touch her body she’s all pumped up! My funk-o-meter is giving this a 7.5 out of 10 rating and that’s completely arbitrary. Tight construction, funky funky funky, that’s all about all that needs to be said.