Behind closed doors Hilz is what you’re going to get and it ain’t pretty

From CBS News here:

A leaked audio recording of Hillary Clinton at a February fundraiser shows the Democratic presidential candidate had once painted a wide swath of Bernie Sanders supporters as idealists “new to politics completely” who are “living in their parents’ basement”…

This will help with the millenial vote for sure, once again confirming Hillary Clinton’s razor sharp political instincts.

First we had ‘the deplorables’ and now we have the idealistic kiddies being lectured to by Clinton.  If I were trying to see what sort of pattern may at work here one might say Hillary Clinton has a bit of a snobbery/arrogance problem.

If you don’t support her she’s is going to look down on you.

Yes, another pro athlete taking a stand!

From the Daily Beast here:

NBA player Joakim Noah, who was recently traded to the New York Knicks from the Chicago Bulls, is skipping a team dinner with Army cadets at West Point because he would have felt “uncomfortable” due to his opposition to war. The Knicks are holding their training camp at the U.S. Military Academy there this year. “It’s hard for me a little bit—I have a lot of respect for the kids here fighting—but it’s hard for me to understand why we go to war and why kids have to kill kids all around the world,’’

There’s great money in killing for those who traffic in that world.  Guns, bombs, bullets, airplanes, tanks, feeding soldiers, etc.  However, nobody is going to come out and discuss the profits of war as the money is all counted quietly.



9/30/16: case/lang/veirs, Trentemoller, Mild High Club, Zedd

@@@ case/lang/veirs: case/lang/veirs (anti-, 2016).  an all female folk rock supergroup off this week’s CFUV weekly playlist email.  The vocal harmonies dominate in this opening track as one would expect.  The second tune Honey And Smoke is a K.D. Lang led tune — a love song with a peppy drum beat and classic cute background vocals.  The third tune is back towards the folk rock from the pop rock and I like this music well enough.  It’s not super emotional, it’s kinda light.  I only say that as sometimes the sheer volume of feelings in some records by female artists can be a bit off putting for me.  Because I’m dead inside.

@@@ Trentemoller: Fixion (In My Room, 2016).  Another record off this week’s CFUV weekly email.  This opener is a very serious art school 1980’s synth rock influenced mope bomb.  Big synth clouds over a thick pulsing bass and a dour female singer.  Half goth with no Cure bounce.  This second tune Never Fade is following the same formula and I need a fucking Red Bull, Imma snoozy.  Black nails, black lipstick, paper clips through ya earholes!  the third tune Sinus is a 15 minute opus about a sinus infection — wait no.  All right I’m out, stay if you like.

@@@ Mild High Club: Skiptracing (Stones Throw, 2016)  California dream pop (with some funk thrown in at some point because this is out on Stones Throw) I got to via the CFUV weekly email.  The singer sounds a bit like one of the Bee Gees with a sinus infection — I like to tie my post together with annoying repetitive references.  Now that’s not a bad thing, it’s something to aspire to.  Let’s peep more and see if the pop fades.  The second tune Homage starts a tad more disco/soft rock and now we’re getting a little more interesting swirl of influences here.  I’m postulating that there was some purple cough syrup while this record was getting tracked — it’s got a baked/high vibe to it.  Maybe just a lot of trees and then a swim in Drake’s big pool.  He’s got on in L.A. and it’s bigger than Dre’s.

@@@ Zedd: Ignite (Interscope, 2016).  A major label electro pop rock nugget off the Apple Music Hot Tracks section.  In this case they might mean the hot air from somebody who just rocked a lot of garlic knots and Mountain Dew.  Oh, we’re going full head bob/disco biscuits and this sucks.  Big tension and drama in the verse and then the full EDM money shot in the chorus.  Wow, I would rather listen to dogs fornicate.  7 million hits on the Googletube for this stale fart, people love this shit!  Shame on you America.

YTD recordings listened to: 775
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 437
Not good music: 291

Buys: 15
Honorable Mentions: 12

Possibles: Chris McGregor, Dave Arner Trio, Zomby, Retox, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee, The Ballantynes, Slidhr, The Chewers, Toxic Holocaust, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Lenguas Largas, The Coral, T.O.M.B., Fofoulah, Lozen, Erase Errata, Mastery, Leviathan, Hartley C. White, Weed, Cold Water, Janelle Monae, Luther Dickinson, Destruction Unit, Graeme Barrett, Fast Asleep, Goldlink, Cavanaugh, Gentleman Surfer, Satoko Fuji, Mystic Braves, Divanhana, Unrestrained, Moken, Systema Solar, Brian Eno, Juan Atkins, Drone, Lantern, Twin Peaks, Djelimady Tounkara, Miramar, The Oh Sees, Denny Zeitlin, MILF, Joe Sticky, Unfun, De La Soul, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Neurosis

I guess Obama can be sued for drone strikes now!

From the Intercept here:

As it happens, the White House’s principled opposition to the bill was based on its worry that it would open the door to lawsuits from foreigners accusing the U.S. government of crimes, possibly including the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture, deaths of innocent people with drones, and global mass surveillance.

I guess it is now up to lawyers and investigators to prove whether Saudi Arabia was involved with the events on 9/11.

Now proving whether the American government has committed crimes is a far easier task — the invasion of Iraq was public, the photos of torture in Iraq exist, evidence of drone strikes can be gathered because it is locked up tight somewhere in the Spook Headquarters.

Obama knows this, he’s a law professor, and it would be only fitting if a law passed to stick it to Obama and to support 9/11 families ends up taking a bit out of the War on Terror.

Because it doesn’t take a genius (yeah, that’s you George W. Bush) to realize that a whole bunch of the War on Terror is illegal.


Comedian Crimmins takes a dump on John Stewart’s centrist, Rodney King bullsh*t

From the Guardian here:

“Jon Stewart’s campaign for bipartisanship? You’ve got to be kidding me,” he says, referring to the former Daily Show host’s efforts to get bipartisan support for measures to assist 9/11 first responders. “It’s like: ‘Let’s take the average of dung and manure and say we’re on the moral high ground.’ Bipartisanship is bullshit – this country only ever goes from the center-right to the far right. Which side are you on, boys?”

Just remember this line when President Pantsuit is in the Oval Office and she talks about bipartisanship and ‘getting things done’.

You can surely bet that getting things done will involve fucking you and me over big time, no doubt about that.

Wells Fargo clustef*ck shows Obama’s Wall Street ‘reform’ to be a piece of shit

From CNBC here:

Amid withering criticism from both Republicans and Democrats of the nation’s second-largest bank by assets, Rep. Brad Sherman said the bank’s conduct and culture duped investors and turned workers into criminals.

“We have institutions that were too big to fail. In 2008, we found they that were too big not to bail,” the California Democrat said during an acrimonious hearing with Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf. “We now learn that they’re too big to manage, too big to regulate. It’s time to break them up.”

Wells has paid a $185 million penalty in connection with civil charges that it illegally enrolled customers in bank programs without their consent. The Wells board is looking to claw back $41 million in stock rewards from Stumpf.

The bank fired 5,300 workers in connection with behavior that stretched back to 2009.

“You fired 5,300 people, you took 5,300 good Americans and turned them into felons with a system that you created, benefited from and drove your stock price up by bragging about your levels of new accounts,” Sherman said.

Everybody laughed at ol’ crusty, grumpy Bernie Sanders when he was hollering about Wall Street banks needed to be broken up, and Hillary stands up there and talks about all her fantastic plans for reining in the abuses.

But Sanders was right and these ‘common sense’ and ‘practical’ Democrats have shown again how ineffective they are in legislating change.

They can find a dozen more reasons why these giant banks are just fine the way they are or President Pantsuit can come along with another one of her bullshit plans but the truth is these banks are run by fuckers, aggressive quasi-predatory fuckers and the smaller they are the better off our society is going to be.