Wouldn’t this be a sign of a collapsing society?

Headline from CNBC:

People are eating Tide laundry pods and this is what owner P&G is doing about it

I think when you have people who are in a state of mind where they’re voluntarily eating laundry detergent pods (I assume to get high) I think it’s safe to say we’re swirling down the toilet.


Put Facebook out of the game! Shut it down, lock him up!

From NBC News:

Three silicon valley insiders are accusing Facebook of prioritizing profits over people, pointing to Russia’s 2016 misinformation campaign against American voters through targeted ads.

This is white collar crime!

And treason!

Zuckie should get 3 hots and a cot as far as I’m concerned….

What little respect I have for Dems will evaporate with the Trump/Schumer Wall!

From CNBC:

Some Democrats are ready to give immigration concessions to Republicans, including President Trump’s proposed border wall.

Fuck the fuck off with this nonsense.

The wall is one of the dumbest fucking things every proposed in this country.  It’s as dumb as President FuckFace and anybody who goes along or plays a role in building it should be strung up by their nuts or whatever junk they have.

Dems must never allow Trump’s wall to be built. Ever.

From the Washington Post:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s offer of border wall funding for action to protect those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a weird trade — but many Democrats might agree to it.

The wall is more than a wall.  It represents Trump’s legacy and his bullshit racist world view and it must not be built as it validates his bullshit and the bullshit of his supporters.

I can’t believe Chucky boy even offered.  It’s not just a wall as he would probably try to explain away.

Let’s hope Amazon’s Whole Foods turns into a festering black eye!

From Business Insider:

‘Entire aisles are empty’: Whole Foods employees reveal why stores are facing a crisis of food shortages

It would be fantastic for our whole society to see Bezos/The Bald Vampire fall on his face with this purchase.  He’s just a human being and a foul one at that.

Amazon is becoming something very akin to the Death Star in Star Wars but people (in their heads) don’t seem to be rooting for the little guy to take out the ill bitch evil fuck.  Maybe a black eye for Darth Bezos would start to get people to turn away from his bullshit empire.

Will Chuck Schemer turn his balls in or not?

Headline from CNBC:

Chuck Schumer says he made ‘some progress’ in meeting with Trump, but no deal yet on avoiding shutdown

I don’t know how this is going to go.  Usually Schumer is quite willing to fold like a napkin and hand his balls to somebody else, but he’s been taking a lot of heat over this issue and he might actually try to retain his nuts.

Now we all know Trump likes to pee on people so he might set Schumer up for a golden shower — that’s how filthy this has become.  Balls and urine, that’s the state of America we have going here.

Balls deep into the Trump stock bubble and CNBC finally uses the word ‘bubble’!!

Headline from CNBC:

Trump’s market cheerleading tweets could end up fueling a bubble

Fuck this is some high end journalism right here for chrissakes!!!

He’s been blowing this fudge bubble for 15 fucking months and they finally noticed.

Way to go fellas…keep up the silver plated journalism.