See no evil, deny the evil

Despite the rapidly increasing use of drones in warfare and anti-terrorism — and the legal and ethical issues their use raises — the U.S. government has never publicly advanced a legal justification for sending its drones on targeted killing runs overseas; up until Tuesday, Congress hadn’t even held a single hearing into the question.

Me: Coincidence?  Highly unlikely.  Everyone is into the results of these unmanned drone killing planes, but nobody is talking about how you can get away with such ill technology based maneuvers.  Probably because those who engage in it are aware of the ‘problems.’

Let’s wrap up by reminding people how the statistics on the drones are compiled.  By folks on the ground who call for the strikes and might be settling local beefs or have other agendas besides fighting terrorism.  Highly problematic for assessing the success of the program and problematic to the existence of the program.


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