Music Links 1/11/12

The verse is stupid, but the chorus is pretty clever.  They have a great arena drummer, and everybody knows about Eddie Van Halen.  Your digging or not digging depends on how annoying you find David Lee Roth — I find him both entertaining/annoying at the same time.

Check out this music industry blog post here.  My favorite excerpt is this:

“With a decade of digital sales already behind us this is the stage where digital sales growth should be rocketing and lifting the whole market with it.”  Why isn’t digital music growing to replace cd sales?  That’s yer $64,000 question and I have my own theories, the experience of listening to music at a computer blows being one of the top reasons.

I’m checking out the new Little Willies record on Spotify.  I would slot it in the ‘neither here nor there’ folder.  It’s decent, but Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ it is not.  Is it sexist to say that if Norah Jones was not such a hottie this band would not garner nearly the same attention?  I don’t think it is.

I’m checking out When Darkness Falls new record Bloodstone, and I’m about to turn it off because there is barely any bass and the guitars are so sharp it’s not pleasant to my ears.  This is a record that’s on Spotify’s front page so I wanted to see if it was worthy of that lofty record selling placement.  I know metal music is supposed to be punishing, but this over the line, at least in my opinion.

Engineer Records out of the UK has an acoustic compilation sampler up over here at Bandcamp.  I don’t need to go song by song, but I thought there was some strong music in that collection.

Common Folk has a top 10 song list from 2011 here with a ton of embedded tunes so you can be beyond lazy and still check out some new music.  I checked out the top four songs and like #3, but other folks should check it out for themselves.


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