Active Music Listening Sunday July 8, 2012

YTD recordings listened to: 406
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 220
Not good music:168
Buys: 13 (not all 2012 releases)
Possibles: Glenn Hansard, Ebo Taylor, Sigur Ros, Le Super Borgou De Parakou, Left Lane Cruiser/James Leg, Cedric Pescia: John Cage Sonatas

I listened to 3 Bancamp recordings, including a wonderful Justin Bieber cover out of Salt Lake City.

@@@ Cedric Pescia: John Cage Sonatas and Interludes (Aeon, 2012).    This is some beautiful music, folks should check it out.  Al the words to describe this are upper crust, shall we say, but it’s solo prepared piano pieces and they’re happenin’.

This record is on Spotify, and you can catch a piece from this record over here on his website.

@@@ Harris Eisenstadt: Canada Day III (Songlines, 2012).  Neither a swingin’ or a melancholic straight jazz record.  It’s midtempo and sounds very composed, but creatively composed.  I like how much space goes to the vibes and the sound of the horns and the vibes work great together.

You can read about the record and hear a sample here.

@@@ Lilith Velkhor: Shame (Self-released, Bandcamp 2012)  Does a damned fine job channeling Bleach era Kurt Cobain on track 3 Sorry Entertainer.  Check it out.  Monster bass sound as well.

@@@ Las Malas Amistades: Maleza (Honest Jon’s, 2012).  The first tune is acoustic guitar and female voice.  Good start.  The second tune, Lamento, is self-expainafying.  There is a male singer that shares the work through the record, and there’s some whacky electric organ that lends a certain indie vibe to the proceedings.  I liked it.

There’s nothing for me to attach here for you great listeners out there.

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