Never mind the privacy issues, Facebook’s new teen app stupidizes everything in its path!

From here:

Lifestage, which launched in the US on Friday, is restricted to users under the age of 21. It’s designed to make it “easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network”.

The app invites users to create a series of videos showing their happy face, sad face, how they dance and sign, their favorite and least favorite song and who their best friend is. Users can also share videos of their classroom, locker, backyard and kitchen. The videos are all framed with cute animations, which give it a definite Snapchat feel.

Oh God, how stupid can America become?  Apparently, very stupid.  What little internal, thoughtful life Americans ever started with is being strangled by Facebook and the arsehol overlords of social media.  Parents, I beg you not to destroy the minds of your children with this data collecting garbage.




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