Classist f*ckers at NY Times fly the douchebag flag

From the Grey Lady:

The Labour-dominated city of Wigan voted “Leave” to jolt elites in London as well as in Brussels into restoring their lost world of secure jobs and communities.

I read this sentence as somewhat elite media gatekeepers talking about the idea of working class people having job security as a fairy tale.  As some other time when things were this way for them but because they’re childish they cling to this fairy tale.

When in reality the disappearance of secure jobs was a purposeful campaign by large companies to increase their profits by exporting union jobs to low cost Asian countries.  And the government encouraged it with tax breaks and this was considered ‘innovation’.

While it’s perfectly rational for people who have been subject to this treatment to raise their middle finger to those who have done this to them, the New York Times wants to frame it completely differently.

Brexit voters are childish, Trump supporters are childish — I would replace childish with pissed.


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