Facebook got the stupid censor workin’ overtime this week!

From CBS News here:

On Friday morning, King took a screen shot of an email he received that used both the f- and n-words, and posted it on Twitter and Facebook saying this is the type of ugliness he gets “every day all day.”

A few hours later when he went to Facebook, King says he had been logged out. When he logged back in he got a message saying he had been suspended from posting for 24 hours.

Do we see a pattern here?  From where I’m sitting Facebook does not like folks to shine a light on the ugly ass side of the world.  That poor Vietnamese girl running down the road in terror is not uplifting and profitable.

A reporter that writes extensively about race and posts screen shots of the ill fucked up email he gets from racist people is not uplifting and profitable.

I think there’s more to this than censorship — the Zuck is helping to keep the status quo glued together by suppressing the ugly shit.


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