Bubba J. invented the hollow Democratic way

From Naked Capitalism here:

While running for president, Clinton had promised to end the tax deductibility of executive pay over $1 million. According to Reich, this pledge led to considerable consternation on the part of Clinton’s economic team.

One worried about the prospect of “social engineering through the tax code” and felt that there was “no reason to declare class warfare.” Another was concerned about “flak from the business community.” At one point, the first mused, “Maybe there’s some way we can do this without actually limiting executive pay.”

Whoops, there it is!

And it has been built on successfully by Obama and soon (probably) the Pantsuit.

Maybe we can reform Wall Street without reforming Wall Street!

Maybe we can reform the healthcare system without reforming the healthcare system!

Maybe she can fight for you without actually fighting for you!

Maybe the Clinton foundation can sell influence without actually selling influence!!!!

Thank you Bubba J. you really showed us all the way with that move.  It’s no wonder they call you Slick Willie!


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