Trump’s birther nonsense is total bullshit but Hillary did dabble in it as well

From the New York Times here:

In his brief remarks, Mr. Trump leveled the accusation — which his supporters have been pressing for weeks — that Mrs. Clinton first raised doubts eight years ago about Mr. Obama’s birthplace.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy,” Mr. Trump said. “I finished it.”

During the 2008 Democratic contest, a senior strategist for Mrs. Clinton at one point pondered, in an internal memo that was later leaked, the ways in which Mr. Obama’s personal background differed from those of many Americans.

There are a couple of reasons to comment on this.

One, not everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is complete nonsense.  Over the weekend I blogged about the 60 minutes where Clinton played games with Obama being a Muslim so when Trump makes this accusation he’s undercutting Clinton’s moral superiority by engaging in similar behavior.  Clearly she didn’t do it for five years and they’re both assholes for getting into it.

Secondly, this is the continuing curse of identity politics.  There are millions and millions of Americans in distress and here we are going over this issue again.  It’s as big a distraction to addressing real issues as terrorism.



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