So the bald vampire at Amazon is happy to gouge his customers?

From here:

We looked at 250 frequently purchased products over several weeks to see which ones were selected for the most prominent placement on Amazon’s virtual shelves – the so-called “buy box’’ that pops up first as a suggested purchase. About three-quarters of the time, Amazon placed its own products and those of companies that pay for its services in that position even when there were substantially cheaper offers available from others.

I guess that’s a form of devotion to yer customers — yer devoted to emptying their pockets!

Hopefully the Bald Vampire and his orc minions will be punished for his lies.  I know that people think because it’s technology it must be good, but it’s really not true.

I hate to be the one to drag folks back into reality…our tech overlords are fuckers.  Shiny digital fuckers.


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