The ‘pragmatic center’ has produced garbage results!

From CNBC here:

Of all the challenges facing economic growth, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner believes the U.S. political situation is the worst.

“I think the scarier things are really about politics, the scary erosion of the pragmatic center in politics, the diminished capacity to make sensible economic choices, something governments really have to do,” Geithner said

I think former Treasury Secretary Geithner is an incompetent little shitbird.

I hate these unaccomplished punks standing up and lecturing the rest of us about how the ‘sensible’ and ‘pragmatic’ choices are the way to go.  Those pragmatic decisions have included extensive outsourcing to foreign countries which has hurt millions of Americans, the bailout of asshole Wall St. firms which millions of Americans hate, and Obamacare which is looking more than a bit tired and it’s just out of the gate.

I wish all the pragmatic people out there would speak up after they’ve accomplished something.


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