Is outsourcing/globalization driving gang violence in Chicago?

From Slate here:

But there is a deeper, knottier issue that’s driving the bloodshed, said Lance Williams, and that’s the almost total lack of opportunity and resources for people growing up in impoverished neighborhoods. “We look at these conflicts as gang-related because these kids have ‘gang ties,’ ” Williams said. “But it really has nothing to do with a gang. When the only thing you have, the last thing you have, is your humanity, what you think of as your manhood, you get this skewed vision of what a man is. Because it’s the last front for you. You might as well be dead if you can’t hold onto that.” Regardless of what law enforcement officials try to do, Williams told me, the violence will continue until Chicago can give its young people something else.

There is a lot of lip service paid by those in charge that we have to do something for those left behind but it’s just lip service, nothing is going to happen to economically develop impoverished neighborhoods.

It is very similar to the lip service paid by those in charge about what we have to do to rebuild the relationship between the police and impoverished neighborhoods.  African Americans are killed in a variety of situations and nothing has changed and lip service keeps getting paid.

The truth is nobody gives a flying fuck about these neighborhoods for two reasons: there’s no money to be made there, it will actually cost money, and exerting police control over these areas is a racist idea that crops up after those in charge decide they don’t want these neighborhoods economically developed and they allow manufacturing to move out of the U.S.


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