Are folks just as pissed and flipped out about Apple’s tax dodging?

I don’t think so and the tax bill that Apple is dodging by holding its cash outside of the United States makes Trump’s taxes look like peanuts.

But Apple’s Tim Cook is ‘liberal’, as in identity politics liberal.  He sure isn’t Bernie Sanders liberal when it comes to using union labor employing American workers.  He’s a neoliberal, he’s gonna make money using the current systems in place but he’s going to be less of a dick about his tax dodging and asshole corporate behavior than Trump.

I know Tim Cook has held fundraisers for Hillary — should she be taking money raised by the largest tax dodger on the planet?  Well, that’s not going to be discussed by our common sense, practical Democrats.

This is not to say that I support Trump, but the self-righteous bullshit being thrown out there by a bunch of fake ass, holier than thou fuckhead Democrats (who will screw you over just as hard as the Republicans) is pretty sickening.


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