Millenials aren’t the only people who want a different society

From the Guardian here:

Clinton’s comments also belie an incapacity to get her head around the full meaning of Sanders’ campaign. The political revolution Sanders invoked was not just a plan to get college graduates out of America’s basements and into sweet lofts. In reducing the campaign to crude economism, Clinton sounds like someone who doesn’t understand that many Sanders supporters don’t just want a bigger piece of the pie, they want a fundamentally different kind of society. Clinton’s message to her donor audience was essentially one of patience, of letting capitalism work its magic: as soon as these kids start making good money, they’ll fall in line behind center-right candidates.

It’s clear the Clintons believe in making money and it’s clear that they’ve projected onto all Americans the idea if you’re taking down a big salary then boom, America is great.

This is an extremely one dimensional portrait of human desire and priorities.  There are millions of Americans that do care about fairness and equality and not living in such a violent society and Clinton has very thin and unconvincing answers to these desires.

And that’s why she’s struggling with millenials and that’s why I won’t vote for her.  It’s not my job to defeat Donald Trump, it’s her job.



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