At the end of the day Hilz is about loot and making loot

From the Guardian here:

And at bottom, they reveal a politician who still holds to the old Thatcher motto that defined the neoliberal era’s boost phase: there is no alternative. The impacts of deregulation and free trade are real, Clinton says in the tape, but organizing for radical change is just role-play fantasy politics. As she brushed it off in Virginia, it reflects “a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare … you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means.”

This is what I can’t stand about the hippie generation that started out so idealistic and ended up as a bunch of cash money assholes.

There is no alternative to what we have, Clinton believes, because what’s profitability drives policy.  We can’t have universal healthcare because we need the for profit healthcare industry.  Now four years into Obamacare and how is for profit healthcare looking?  Not great.

Not everything has to be profitable and not everything that is profitable is great.

Selling crack is extremely profitable — is there no alternative to that?

Clinton has no imagination and no ability to see that there are millions and millions of Americans that don’t give much of a fuck about profitability who care about quality of life.


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