If you plan on torturing people it helps if you can disappear them afterwards

From the Guardian here:

El Gherissi and Najjar both appear by name in the declassified portions of the Senate torture report, which corroborates their CIA captivity, which began in 2002. It further documents that El Gherissi spent more than a year in the black sites and Najjar spent nearly two.

Both men were subsequently transferred into US military custody at the prison on the outskirts of the massive Bagram Airfield complex, an hour’s drive from Kabul. They remained there without charge until June 2015, when the US abruptly transferred them to Tunisia for release. El Gherissi and Najjar now live freely but without work, restitution from the US or even an acknowledgment of the treatment they endured.

If you look at these dates, these two men who were tortured were held for 13 years after it occurred, well into Obama’s presidency.  So he may have taken steps to curtail torture but the Spooks were more than happy to disappear this man for a long long time.

This doesn’t sound very democratic to me.


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