Hilz’s Wall Street speeches are out and yowsa, what a load of shit!

From Slate here:

When I was a Senator from New York, I represented and worked with so many talented principled people who made their living in finance.

This one sentence is all you need to see from Clinton to realize how fucked in the head she is regarding Wall Street.

There are many many talented and really smart people on Wall Street and there are very few principled people working on Wall Street.  Very very few and I worked down there for years.

And as a Senator from New York Clinton most likely met with the heads of firms or managers of large businesses within large banks and those people are even less principled than the folks beneath them.

The culture of Wall Street is one where principle takes a back seat to profit.  Inside information, misrating mortgage securities, front running trades, bullshit research analysis on stocks, manipulation of interest rates, why is all of this done?

To make money.

Why is any meaningful Wall Street reform so strongly resisted by Wall Street?  Because it will cut into profits.

If Clinton really means this we are so screwed it’s not even funny.


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