Ooops, what do Trump and our tech overlords have in common? #taxevasion

From the Guardian here:

And yet looked at from another angle, Trump is not so shocking. You may be reading this piece online after clicking on a Facebook link. If you are in Britain, the profits from the adverts Facebook hits you with will be logged in Ireland, which required Facebook to pay a mere €3.4m in corporate taxes last year on revenues of €4.83bn . If you are reading on an Apple device, Apple has booked $214.9bn offshore to avoid $65.4bn in US taxes.

It’s all a question of style.  Trump boasts of his tax evasion like the foul mouthed street punk that he is while our tech titans are much more quiet about it.

Now we know how well Trump’s foul mouth street punk routine is going over.  Yikes!


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