A bank honcho has finally seen their career flushed down the crapper!! Hurray!!!

From NPR here:

The chairman and chief executive of Wells Fargo & Co., John Stumpf, has resigned effective immediately in the aftermath of a scandal over the bank’s past practice of secretly selling services to unsuspecting customers.

So you can illegally foreclose on folks, and you can sell people garbage mortgages and blame folks for it, and you can make a giant ass $100 billion London whale trade and keep your job, but apparently you can’t open 1.5 million accounts without customer permission.

Who woulda thunk it?

I would have preferred Jamie ‘Jesus’ Dimon at JP Morgan to stand at the toilet bowl and watch his career swirl down but Imma gonna have to settle for head asshole at Wells Fargo.

Finally, fucking finally, a honcho gets his head chopped.


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