More on the Michelle Obama/War Criminal Bush Hug

There’s been a lot of hand wringing about how the press should not normalize Trump and his ill beliefs by writing about him and covering him as if he’s a serious candidate, blah blah blah.

If we are to apply the same standards to our present leaders doesn’t Michelle Obama normalize war crimes by hugging one and having pictures of that hug plastered all over the interwebz?

Oh, George W. Bush passed the funding for the African-American museum, which is a great thing.  However, George W. Bush’s greatest crimes should not be papered over by this one small deed.  Here is a man who has a lot of blood on his hands and more blood accumulates in his name on a daily basis.

He should be in jail, not on a stage getting hugs from the first lady, and if she is some great humanitarian in her life as First Lady she should have some points taken off for normalizing the War Criminal Bush.


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