Dear fellow white people, your ignorant, violent bullshit ways must cease and cessate!

From the Guardian here:

Colin Kaepernick made his return as a starter for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, although he received a far from warm welcome in Buffalo as he took on the Bills.

Kaepernick continued his protest against racial inequality in the United States by kneeling during the national anthem, an action that his critics have called unpatriotic. That hostility was on show outside the stadium, where t-shirts were on sale depicting the quarterback in the crosshairs of a rifle. The caption on the shirt read: “Wanted: Notorious Disgrace to America”.

If you are saying that it’s okay to target an African-American man for protesting police brutality then surely it must be fine for African-Americans to indiscriminately murder police officers.  Neither is a good idea.

And no I don’t blame Trump for these sentiments coming to the surface, I’ve seen this shit my whole life.



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