Despite thousands of Wikileaks emails, liar Schumer insists Hilz is a straight shooter!

From CNBC here:

HARWOOD: What would be your candid assessment of Hillary Clinton’s flaws as a candidate?

SCHUMER: I served with her for eight years. and we’re both Type A personalities. I’m from Brooklyn. I can tell a B.S. artist pretty good. She is not. She’s a straight person in the sense that she doesn’t try to say one thing and mean another and all of that.

There are emails where Hillary Clinton has given speeches where she explains that she has private stands and then she says something different in public.

I’ve never been a big Chuck Schumer fan, but this is some shameful bullshit he’s peddling.  To pretend that Hillary Clinton has not to a great extent created mistrust between herself and the American public is absurd!

All this accomplishes is it shows what a liar Schumer is in an effort to duct tape Clinton and any slim hopes for her Presidency.

I don’t know how these clowns sleep at night.



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