9/11 killed democracy, not Donald Trump

Oh, the hand wringing over what a fascist Donald Trump is.  Indeed he is a horny manipulative cretin but he’s certainly not responsible for the death of American democracy (whatever that means).  The hysterical, warmongering reaction following the attacks of 9/11 that led to the Patriot Act (anti-democratic), the Authorization to Use Military Force (anti-democratic) and Obama’s disgusting use of the Espionage Act, which is considered to be one of the illest American laws ever passed.

Where were all the pro-democracy lovers when the real fall of democracy went down?  A lot of them, like Hillary Clinton, were voting for wars and waving the flag.  And our great leader Barack Obama who has conducted a pretty illegal flying death robot war and has persecuted whistleblowers.  Why don’t all of you who have your panties in a wad over Donald Trump feel the same way about the handsome brother in the Oval Office?

Because it’s popular and now a herd behavior to kick the shit out of idiot Trump.

The hypocrisy is fairly sickening.


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