Hilz cryptography ‘solution’ same bad idea as Obamacare!

From the Intercept here:

When asked during a debate in December whether she would legally compel companies to build a backdoor into their products to give law enforcement access to unencrypted communications, Clinton responded “I would not want to go to that point.”

But she then called for a “Manhattan-like project” to develop secure communication while allowing the government to read messages.

Cryptography experts overwhelmingly agree that backdoors inevitably undermine the security of strong encryption, making the two essentially incompatible.

So it looks like Hillary Clinton is proposing a system that looks great on the surface but is really a klusterfuck.  It’s incompatible to have a system where the government gets to read your messsages and one that protects your privacy.

Just as Barack Obama chose a path with Obamacare that the for profit healthcare system would be able to provide insurance to a lot of people affordably and still make money.  And as anybody who reads the papers knows this is a contradiction and it’s not working out as promised.

The insurance companies are indeed providing the healthcare but it is less affordable by the day.

When Democrats talk about how awesome and competent and sophisticated they are, it’s very true at an abstract level, but reality has a way of unravelling the bullshit over time.  I remember at the time of Obamacare’s rollout reading very smart people saying that for profit mandatory coverage would not work.

But yet the leaders of the Democratic party are able to convince people that they can do things that are fundamentally incompatibile and contradictory.



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