2016 Honorable Mention Pick 13

Gorguts: Pleiades’ Dust (Gorguts, 2016)

I’m not a huge fan of prog music. While I admire the desire to play and explore things musically there’s a distinct pretension and fussiness in the tones of the instruments, the production of the records and the attitudes of the players that I find off putting.

If you want to hear a band stretch out and aspire and you dig the sonic palette of really rough heavy metal bands this record will work for you. This is some aspirational, epic shit but it doesn’t not have an operatic singer (quite the opposite). The plainness of the production makes the listening much more engaging.

This is one 32 minute track. From reading a review of this record before I peeped a little chunk of it there is some reference in the title and the leader of the band is some super avant, out there dude. Great, but I’m only in it for the music and the music is righteous and it grows on you more as it moves through its 32 minute orbit.

There are noisy sections, there are doomy sections, there is some great thrash drumming, and there are other sections you wouldn’t expect to find on a metal record.

Check it out.


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