Debbie Wassermann Schultz might be smoking crack

From the NY Observer here:

Wasserman Schultz continued, going off on a tangent about turmoil in the Republican Party. “It was so heartwarming, how if you look at the two contrasts that we have in front of us. A Republican Party that is in utter chaos. They are in the midst of a chaotic civil war, so much so that I’m not even sure the Republican Party is going to look the way it did before this election cycle started. And look at our party. Even though we had a very contested Democratic primary that lasted a long time. We are completely united. Completely united.”

Oh yeah, we’re completely united.

I know a female, always Democratic voter that was hoping that Hillary Clinton would die before the election so she wouldn’t have to vote for her.

Of course, if you feel that strongly about Hillary Clinton it’s got nothing to do with anything she’s done or said or voted for, it’s because you’re sexist.

I guess that’s united.


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