Oh my, Clinton/Abedin Wiener laptop, not pro, not pro at all

From the Guardian here:

Though it remains unclear exactly what, if any, transgressions might be revealed by the latest FBI investigation, her position is complicated by the fact that in June she swore under oath that she had already handed over all devices on which she may have had state department emails – a deposition in which she appears to have forgotten to have mentioned the shared laptop.

Considering that the laptop has over half a million emails on it this is not a machine she used once in a blue moon.

If it’s okay for State Department employees to be emailing with the Secretary of State on a laptop shared with a husband (soon to be ex-husband) then we need some new rules.

This is not pro and this doesn’t look super competent to me.  If this is how Clinton’s right hand is operating this is not a good sign at all regarding competence and common sense.

It’s like Bubba J. Clinton’s White House fellatio.  It’s not the fellatio as much as you know you’re hated and people are looking for any reason to take you down and you go and order up fellatio from a government intern?

Not pro, not pro at all.


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