When your friends are in the bag for the Pantsuit as bad as Trumpkin-ators!

We have a friend who launched into how phoney the Wikileaks emails are, they’re all corrupt and it’s just sexism that brings Hillary’s emails to the forefront.  And there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing wrong with anything Hillary Clinton has ever done.  Ever.

As I’ve said repeatedly I will not be voting for the Baboon Trump or for the Pantsuit.  However, I’m at vehemently opposed to sloppy support based on identity politics.

I ask you, America, has there been an American politician ever that has given paid speeches to Wall Street banks years before running for office?  I know many politicians go there after they’re done and they gorge at the trough of Wall Street piggery, but I’m not aware of any that have done that before.

You see when you get money before you go into office it looks like a bribe, or paid access, or quid pro quo.  If you’re taking money after you’re out of office you just getting paid for what you did for the pigs when you were in office.

This not a small point.  The Pantsuit knew she was running in 2013 and yet she hit that speaking circuit hard continuing the Clinton tradition of fighting for us and fighting for their bank accounts at the same time.


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