Oh no, you can’t blame the trio of pricks for everything that ails the Pantsuit!

From Slate here:

And so we, the women of America, find ourselves watching in horror and rage as the repulsive sexual behavior of three pathetic men threatens to obstruct the election of a supremely capable first female president and her equally brilliant No. 2. It would be an extraordinary feat of poetic injustice if the most qualified female presidential candidate in history got within a nose hair’s breadth of the office just to be thwarted by a trio of men who’ve disrespected their marriages and prioritized their own sexual proclivities over their wives’ careers and ambitions.

Here is a list of Hillary Clinton decisions that have cost her a lot of votes that have nothing to do with Bubba J., the Wiener, and the giant groping baboon Trump:

A man did not make Hillary Clinton vote for the Iraq war.

A man did not make her for fracking and for going around the world spreading fracking wherever she went.

A man did not make her go down to Wall Street and give paid speeches after she was Secretary of State when she already knew she was running for President.

A man did not make Hillary Clinton fuck over the progressive wing of the Democratic Party — telling environmentalists to get a life, etc

Did a man make her set up an email server when she was Secretary of State?  Did she have no responsibility for that colossal fuckup?

Did a man make her reach some sort of demented conclusion that she could have a private position which she would reveal with her rich Wall Street friends and a public position which is just for show?

Did a man tell her to advocate for the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and then go on television and say ‘We came, we conquered, he died!”? Nope.

Did a man tell her to go out in public and use the word ‘superpredator’ thereby alienating an unknown number of young African American votes?

Just because Hillary Clinton has endured sexist attacks from assholes please do not step into the public sphere with this nonsense that if Clinton is not elected next week it’s due to the penises around her and her right hand assistant?


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