OMG, Clinton camp should know the definition of dump as they take one all over Hillary’s future!

From CBS News here:

The day the original story about Hillary Clinton’s private email server broke, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta wrote to another top Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, that the emails would have to be dealt with, and “better to do so sooner than later.”

In the exchange, just before 11 p.m. on March 2, 2015, Podesta wrote to Mills, who served as Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department. The New York Times published its story about the existence of Clinton’s private email account just hours beforehand.

“We are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” Podesta wrote.

A Clinton campaign aide clarified that by “dump,” Podesta meant to release to the public—like in a document dump—and not deleting or getting rid of them.

Well, it certainly does appear that Clinton’s campaign is starting to hit the blender and things are swirling and getting fubared, as in Fucked up beyond all recognition.

We”re now playing word games — by dump he meant they were going to dump all the emails to the public in the way that they dumped all the transcripts from Hillary’s speeches to Wall St.  That kind of secretive, non-public dump.

It’s hard not to watch this slow motion trainwreck and think that these folks have lost the thread and are making this dirty diaper even shittier with these word games.


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