Now that the Feebs have cleared Clinton let’s get on with funneling more money up to the ruling class!

From the Intercept here:

TREATING THE WHOLE voting thing as a formality, serious political players are now pondering how exactly President Hillary Clinton can pass what Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called “a giant wet kiss for tax dodgers.”

Even before the Pantsuit is elected the talk among the ruling class is to bring all overseas profits home to the U.S. at a greatly reduced rate while throwing a few crumbs towards rebuilding American infrastructure.

And on the surface of it it looks completely reasonable.  But to cut Apple’s taxes at a time when they have more cash than a lot of countries on the planet is borderline obscene.

This is gonna be what President Pantsuit does.  Wraps conservative fiscal policy in a fake liberal wrapper, boom! Everybody happy except the deplorables.


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