Welcome to Hell you con man, cheese doodle f*cknut!

I don’t fault the deplorables as I consider myself to be one myself.  But you, Trump fucker, should enjoy this brief time because this is as good as it gets for you.  Enjoy this week because it’s downhill from here.

You want to help out all these rural white folks?  That’s gonna take money dude, and look at these pricks in Congress who will be cutting the checks for this help you supposedly want to offer?  They’ve been fucking over their voters for generations, you think you got some special magic to stop that show?  Good luck.

And everybody can see you want to scrap Obamacare.  Go ahead.  Then you have to go back to this same group of assholes and come up with something better which is possible, but you know what?  That’s gonna take money — see how easy it is for you to get cheap, for profit healthcare to people who don’t have the money to pay for it.  I’m gonna laugh as you try shit that golden goose egg, you’re so fucked dude.

Lastly, how is that bringing these American manufacturing jobs back home going to go?  It’s a great idea, but guess what?  You’re gonna have to fight the Wall Street assholes and the rest of these corporate honchos to take less in profit to make America great again.  Do you think these CEOs and bank douchebags give a flying fuck about making America great again for the white working class?  They’re the ones who fucked them over in the first place.  You can bluster and bullshit all you want but these fuckers care about one thing — money, and money is the American birthright.  Maybe you got some magic wand but this is gonna be the biggest tv show of your life Donald, so comb that shit you call your hair and put your dumbass hat on and get out there and work your miracles.

The greatest thing about your victory, President Cheese Doodle, is now you gotta shut your fucking pie hole and actually do something.

Let me remind you, you’re fucked.


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