Honorable Mention 2016 Pick 15

Kadhja Bonet: The Visitor (Fat Possum, 2016).

I like the drummer, the sounds and the arrangements on this both futuristic and retro r&b/soul record but the singer Bonet is the star here. She has a commanding and beautiful voice — she smokes anything I’ve heard out of Beyonce.

I don’t know if you want to use the word virtuosic or highbrow but there is a high aspiration to her singing that is difficult to get into words. I don’t usually go for it, but she really does pull it off on this record. She is technically precise but not lacking in soul and she kinda sounds otherworldly. If you want to appear more sophisticated than you probably are put this record on for your friends while you sit around.

I’ve clipped one of my favorite tunes below and check her out.


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