Paul Ryan claims not to be racist but he will allow Trump to have his right hand man/racist!

From the Guardian here:

Ryan also expressed confidence in Trump and his entourage, which includes Steve Bannon, a former investor and far-right media chief executive whose website, Breitbart, has trafficked in openly racist, sexist, homophobic and antisemitic writing.

“I’ve never met the guy. I’ve never met Steve Bannon,” Ryan said. “So I have no concerns. I trust Donald Trump.

I’ve been trying to get folks interested in Paul Ryan’s pseudo-intellectual fascism and hopefully this tasty little quote will change a few more minds.  It’s clear with this quote that he has no stomach for standing up to Trump on this topic.

Of course, he will work with him on privatizing Medicare as that is his masturbatory/financial fantasy, but racist, sexist shit?

Nothing to see here, move it along!


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