So will the election data nerds acknowledge their failure?

From the Guardian here:

But he singled out the relatively new phenomenon of reporting on elections not just by examining national and state polls, but by forecasting probability of a candidate winning by looking at aggregates of polls and other factors.

Clinton’s odds of winning the election on the Upshot, the New York Times forecasting model, were 85% on election day and only began to plummet as results came in late in the night.

I’m sure there will be a few acknowledgements regarding tweaking their algorithms but it is clear that over reliance on technology over reality is becoming a problem for a lot of Americans.

I would guess, as a non-data person, that many Americans are beginning to prefer a technologically created reality instead of boring old life on this planet reality, but the Trump victory shows the power of being in touch with reality.

Ahem, Hillary.


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