Let’s welcome racist prick Jeff Sessions to his new job with a big fuck you!

From Wikipedia:

Sessions said of the anti-war protesters: “The group who spoke here the other day did not represent the American ideals of freedom, liberty and spreading that around the world. I frankly don’t know what they represent, other than to blame America first.”

Fuck you asshole!  I hope your lungs collapse.

As Attorney General of Alabama, Sessions worked to deny funding to student Gay-Straight Alliances at Auburn University and The University of South Alabama, stating “an organization that professes to be comprised of homosexuals and/or lesbians may not receive state funding or use state-supported facilities to foster or promote those illegal, *1551 sexually deviate activities defined in the sodomy and sexual misconduct laws.”

Ironic as he’s been one of the earliest to take Trump’s foul, tiny member into his mouth!  We can be almost sure that Sessions loves black on black gay porn but he’s so ashamed of his desires that he persecutes the ideas that secretly turn him on.

Hopefully something really awful will happen to this asshole.



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