Obama was basically fine with health care related gouging

From CNBC here:

But President-elect Donald Trump has a chance to lower health-care costs by using his dealmaking skills to “drive hard bargains” with drug companies, hospitals, doctors, medical equipment makers and insurers, Angoff said in a “Squawk on the Street” interview.

Obama mistakenly did the opposite of driving hard bargains with health care companies, partially due to Democratic Senators in New Jersey where a lot of pharmaceutical companies are located and Connecticut where a lot of insurance companies are located.

And though Republicans are all free market and shit ‘driving hard bargains’ is another way of saying health care companies will earn less profit in the future.  And less profit for health care companies will make Obamacare/TrumpCare more affordable.

Because we’re not all on the same side.  And those who painted Obama as some sort of socialist got that way wrong, he has been fine with Wall Street and Big Pharma making mad cake.


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