More to stoke your anti-Google fire

From CNBC here:

“My conclusion is you have a couple of things going on. You have immense amounts of information coming to people but they don’t feel they have the tools to address them,” Google’s former CEO said. “You also have the pervasive insecurity of their perception of an uncertain future.”

While unemployment has ticked steadily down since the recession, people have remained upset about the job market, Schmidt said. The solution, he said, is to foster entrepreneurship and use artificial intelligence and technology to broaden the scope of information that people receive.

“How people get their information — what they read and what they don’t — I think is a project for the next decade,” Schmidt said.

…their perception of an uncertain future.  The piehole that spewed this quote, Mr. Eric Schmidt of Google has a pretty certain future as a billionaire asshole (he’s not an asshole because he’s a billionaire, but I’m sure that’s making him a bigger asshole for sure).  The perception of an uncertain future — I look out into the future for my two sons and I see no certainty.  None.  Technological change, economic change, environmental change, political change, I don’t see where this asshole comes off with slipping that word perception in there.

Secondly that last line in bold.  What they read and what they don’t — I think is a project for the next decade.  Now you might wrongly conclude that he wants to help you with what you read but I would say he wants to control the information you get so you end up with the conclusions that he wants you to reach.  Which is as bad as any fake news that helped the Cheese Doodle get elected and is pretty undemocratic.  And is not in line with what I thought the internet was supposed to do, and is also not quite in line with Google’s very outdated slogan ‘do no evil’.  This dude may not have horns but he smells more than a bit sulphurous.

So good luck with your project controlling what folks read and what they don’t, Mr Schmidt, and don’t forget to fuck yourself.


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