Trump’s an asshole but he’s making hay on outsourcing

From the Intercept here:

Donald Trump isin negotiations with Carrier to keep two Indiana air conditioning and furnace plants from moving to Mexico, eliminating 2,100 U.S. jobs. A video of executives informing workers of the plant closures went viral in February, leading Trump to vow to stop the outsourcing. Now president-elect, he is exerting his new leverage to make that a reality.

But someone else already holds that power. His name is Barack Obama. He just doesn’t seem to care.

I predict there are so many ways in which Trump will screw over the voters who put him in the big office, but he’s cushioning the impact of those upcoming screw jobs with even giving half a shit about retaining manufacturing jobs.

And once again let’s give a shout out to Obama for being such a piece of shit on this issue that he’s ended up blowing a  major league sized hole in his legacy by leaving the door open for an asshole like Trump.


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