In addition to making you sick to your stomach will President Cheese Doodle make you even more ill?

From CBS News here:

WASHINGTON — Only about one in four Americans wants President-elect Donald Trump to entirely repeal his predecessor’s health care law that extended coverage to millions, a new poll has found.

Well this is where post-reality Trump bullshit meets the reality of human bodies.

There is something better than Obamacare and it would be universal health care, but Trump and these ‘free market’ superstars are not going to slit the throat of health insurance companies effectively putting them out of business.

So Obamacare has preserved and in some cases enhanced corporate health insurance profits but it’s not liked for a variety of good reasons.  One of these days President Doodle is going to have to do something besides run his fucking mouth and tell us all what a for profit health care plan for Americans who don’t have vast amounts of money (or any money in the case of millions of Americans) for it will look like.

I hope someone is buttering Trump’s ass because that’s gonna be an awful big rabbit if he manages to pull it out of his rear end the way he did the election.


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