2016 Honorable Mention Pick 19

6Lack: Free 6Lack (Interscope, 2016)

6Lack (pronounced black) has some of the best hip hop/r&b sounds going this year. Really abstract and beautiful shit that floats and pulsates and hovers over the skittery beats you get from musicians down South. There are moments where I can’t tell if it’s a synth or an ambient guitar sound, but it doesn’t matter too much as it all fits together superbly well.

Mr. 6Lack works about half in hip and half in new r&b, it’s a very musical and unique combination of sounds. He has a bit of a sharp/tad nasal voice that works well within his songs and I found a lot of the lyrics to be interesting.

The first few tunes are the best but it holds up all the way through.


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