Dems are kinda progressive until it comes to a Muslim head of DNC

From the Intercept here:

Ever since he announced his candidacy to lead the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, the first American Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, has been the target of a defamation campaign that is deceitful, repugnant, and yet quite predictable. At first expressed in whispers, but now being yelled from the rooftops by some of the party’s most influential figures, Ellison is being smeared as both an anti-Semite and enemy of Israel — the same smears virtually any critic of the Israeli government reflexively encounters, rendered far worse if the critic is a prominent American Muslim.

One thing we know: the Democratic Party really knows what it’s doing!  They did a fucking great job in this past Presidential election and they really seem to be in touch with their voters.  It’s quite impressive.

I like everything I read about Mr. Ellison, he sounds like a fired up person who wants to bring some life into a piece of shit political party, but the fact the Democratic establishment does not want him is even more compelling.


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