Trump and his Trump-a-lumpas believe corporate interests are the national interest

From Reuters:

The central question facing Exxon Mobil Corp Chief Executive Rex Tillerson if he becomes U.S. secretary of state is whether a lifelong oil man with close ties to Russia can pivot from advancing corporate interests to serving the national interest.

There is no central question here.  The trouble will come when people see for the umpteenth time that advancing corporate interests only enriches corporations and any crumbs that fall down to the peasants are either accidental or a tiny fraction of what the companies have gobbled down.

Just like the Wall Street bailout — we bailed out Wall Street to save Main Street.  Oh yeah, right, what a load of shit.  Wall Street was bailed out and Main Street was left behind and they got pissed and voted in Trump who will do a different version of the same thing.



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