Either the Dems are for DAPL pipeline or they have no balls

From CNBC here:

Donald Trump‘s pick for Energy secretary, Rick Perry, sits on the board of directors of Energy Transfer Partners, the company whose Dakota Access Pipeline has been fiercely opposed by Native American tribes and their allies.

If you define fascism as the union of corporate and government interests then Donald Trump is indeed a fascist.  However, this is just a continuation of a process that has been at work in our society for a long ass time.  And both parties have participated in this process.

Where is the interest of non-corporate interest represented?

Where is the interest of the environment being cared for at a level where humans can continue to inhabit the planet?

Where is the interest of housing foreclosure victims represented?

So I guess this is why the Democratic Party is silent on this out in the open marriage of corporate and government interests.  They believe the same thing just executed in a different style.



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