Lady Facebook puts her fortune before her feminism!

Oh, how revealing to see America’s tech titans head to Trump Tower and kiss the ring of the foul, odious Cheese Doodle.

And how incredible to see billionaire Sheryl Sandberg, the genius behind the concept of leaning in, sitting next to VP Mike Pence, a true hater of women.  Opposed to letting women control their bodies and just one body away is the Groper-in-Chief El Trump-o!  A man accused of raping a 13 year old girl and a know groper and grabber of women.

Why did she go?

Why did she sit there for the photo opp?

Why didn’t she issue a statement before/during/after the meeting?

Did she say anything on behalf of millions of women out there who are justifiably concerned about the policies of Pence and Trump?

I haven’t seen anything and I’m not holding her breath.


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