This anti-racist argument has to be spread much more widely, including Obama and Clinton

From Slate here:

But that’s just the surface, the only inch of bigotry that many white people—particularly self-regarding progressives like Meyers and Sanders—are willing to concede, because they need to believe that the majority of the country (i.e., the majority of white people) are still inherently good people. It’s a choice on their part to ignore the luxury that comes with being able to make the conscious, deliberate decision that your personal politics are more important than the welfare of millions of marginalized people—to essentially support and uphold racist structural forces.

Because that’s what happened when Obama voters then voted for Trump—they were complicit in racism (and misogyny and xenophobia).

Barack Obama had 8 years to tear down racist structural forces and he did very little.  He cut food stamps, he visited a few prisons, and that’s about it.  He didn’t stand there and force his voters to hear what he said on this topic.

Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bubba J., passed a toxic welfare reform bill and a horrible crime bill and millions of black voters voted for him and then they full on voted for his wife who called certain black folks ‘superpredators’.

I’m all for calling out racism and white people, but you can’t just throw piss on Trump’s shoes, there are plenty of American politicians who have supported and upheld racist parts of our society.


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