Dems so stupid — can’t figure out how to court two different groups

From the New York Times:

The party is at odds over whether it should tailor its message to the young and nonwhite constituencies that propelled President Obama, or make an effort to court moderate voters.

Is it impossible to improve the lives of nonwhite Americans and improve the lives of white, working class voters at the same time?

One of the many problems with Hillary Clinton was that she was not interested in meaningfully improving the lives of either nonwhite Americans or working class Americans who want manufacturing.

Clinton was a ‘new’ Democrat devoted to the upper middle class and the technorati, as well as  the financial types.  She was unable to bullshit non-white Americans or working class white people at the same level Obama did.

If these asshole could focus on improving the lives of normal, non-yuppie, non-Wall Street Americans they would do well, but they don’t want to do that.


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