What kind of banana republic bullshit is going on in North Carolina?

From NBC News here:

Outgoing North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has signed a measure limiting the powers of his soon-to-be Democratic successor, Roy Cooper, a move critics are calling an unprecedented power grab orchestrated by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature.

The bill McCrory signed on Friday merges the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission into one entity comprised equally of Democrats and Republicans. Previous state law would have allowed Cooper to put a majority of Democrats on the board, which sets the rules for the state’s notoriously burdensome balloting.

This is the kind of shit a Democrat would never do and which is probably why this asshole Republican is doing this.¬† If they knew the same asshole behavior was going to come back their way maybe they wouldn’t pull this shit.

On one side we have asshole Republicans who fight really hard but have no ideals at all outside of racism and exploitation and on the other side we have pussy ass Democrats who have some decent ideas (some) but have absolutely no balls.

God what a horrible shitpile.


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