Dems continue to focus on Russia instead of on what f*cking losers they are!

Dems and other out of touch liberal pricks can’t seem to fathom that Donald Trump’s boorish, ill behavior sits squarely in American history.  He’s not an anomaly he’s a product of American society and norms.  You may not want to accept that but it’s true.  Fucking deal with it.

And to blame Putin for your loss is just straight up sad.

First off, you folks gotta get some IT guys.  Some Snowden-like gentlemen who actually know how to put networks together and protect them.  It’s much harder to hack somebody who is prepared for it.

Second, how about some fight?  How about taking responsibility for your own incompetence?  You fucking lost to Donald Trump, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  If you think Trump is an incompetent prick look in the mirror, he beat you!

This focus on Russia is just perpetuating the fact that Democrats are (as a group) completely clueless and unwilling to fight the motherfuckers standing in front of them.



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