Sitting there and taking a beating does not produce victory

From here:

Despite the unprecedented viciousness hurled at you, you never responded in kind; you just kept on being decent, intelligent, thoughtful—Presidential. You alone had the experience and the temperament and the maturity to do the job of leading this country. That should have been enough. I’m sorry that it wasn’t.

This excerpt is from an open letter by a North Carolina pastor to Hillary Clinton.

While I understand the sentiment it’s also the mindframe of a loser.  You may not want to fight and find it distasteful but I would rather hand out a beating rather than take one.

Hillary Clinton will be haunted by this loss to Trump for the rest of her life.  And she can blame the Russians, and fake news, and all manner of unfair shit that happened to her but she was unable to fight her opponent in a way that was effective.  In fact, she chose not to fight and remain above the fray and now she’s walking in the woods near her house instead of getting ready to be President.


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